Services and Support for Whistleblowers

We offer an understanding of the complex array of emotions and pressure (both internal and external) that arise from the act of Whistleblowing.

Often an act made in good faith and for the right reasons can unleash a series of consequences which may be severely damaging to the individual.

A trained expert Consultant Psychotherapist/Clinical Psychologist will be able to help those experiencing these forces to gain an understanding and manage them.

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Psychological Consultation - Whistle Blowing

Recent high-profile cases such as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have highlighted the role of whistle-blowing and its impact on authority and society.

A whistle-blower in corporate, public or social life is likely to experience a widely fluctuating and potentially very damaging consequences in their corporate and social lives.  Experiencing alienation, condemnation, paranoia, humiliation, guilt, exclusion and so are just a few of the negative results that are likely to result from an act of moral significance.

We offer a discreet range of Psychological Consultation services for whistle-blowers, helping to understand and manage these risks and consequences.

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Please read on for details of these services as well as recent papers and case studies on this issue.